How can you help?

The way to bring a real and profound benefit to the world and to the Buddhadharma that lasts for a long time is through practice...

Lama Zopa Rinpoché

As in any construction, funds are needed, not only for its construction, but also for its maintenance. In the same way it is necessary the help of people to be able to carry out such maintenance. That is why we believe that any help you can offer will not only benefit you, but also for all beings around the world.


The stupa Samantabhadra needs help:

  • economic: any donation is sufficient.
  • physical: helping to build the stupa, rolling mantras, performing tsa-tsa, helping in the preparation of precious materials to fill it, etc.
  • verbal: advising, asking for help from third parties, etc.
  • mental: praying for the success of the project, rejoicing in the efforts of others, dedicating their own efforts and those of others for the benefit of all beings, etc.
  • con with offerings: one of the easiest ways to generate positive energy is to make offerings to the enlightened mind: flowers, unlit candles, images or symbols or other objects that represent something valuable to you and / or others.