Benefits of a stupa

The construction of stupas helps to develop much peace and happiness for the innumerable sentient beings. As a result, wars, diseases, and the desire of all will be pacified. Instead of feelings of hopelessness, people will gain value. It is about peace, about the beings that see it, for the whole country, for the whole world, for all sentient beings.

Lama Zopa Rinpoché

According to the words in the Sanskrit verse Caitya-pradakshina-gatha of Buddha Sakyamuni, the historical Buddha these are some of the benefits:

“Encircle a Stupa will have this result: You will be as pure as snow, good, radiant and wise. You will have a happy life."

“Encircle a Stupa will have this result: Both your body and mind will be balanced, your determination unwavering. You'll have broad shoulders and you can count on.”

“Encircle a Stupa will have this result: You will obtain perfect strength and vitality; and leaving laziness aside, you will achieve supreme achievements. ”.

According to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, here are some of the benefits::

Purify, calm and bring peace to the mind.

It is very powerful for good health and for healing.

For a long life.

For a success in general.

They invite you to think and meditate on your message; they also promote our development in various fields such as: religion, philosophy, history, archeology, the mind itself, etc. Being charged with this great positive energy have a great protective power and negative energy transformation.